• “Peace Zone is the type of place where anyone is welcome, everyone can find a group or mentor or something that makes them stronger…and if you stick around long enough, we all can be helped or be of help.”
  • “I love coming to Peace Zone. It’s a good place to come for people needing help. I can’t stand Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday when Peace Zone isn’t open…those days are hell for me when Peace Zone is closed. I HATE IT.”1
  • “Peace Zone has helped me open up to people and become more friendly. It has helped me work on my social skills. Also helps me with my courage.”
  • “Coming to Peace Zone gives me reason to start the day.”
  • “With every moment I learn something new in Peace Zone.”
  • “The Peace Zone is helping me by making me accountable to others. I like the support and fellowship I get at the peace zone.”
  • “Peace Zone distracts me from depressive thoughts, keeps me busy, boosts my spirit, energy, and gets me out of the house, and helps my isolation and fear of being around others. It also builds my confidence..”


  • “My mentor helps me feel good about my art stenciling and my discussions about my grandchildren. Enjoyed working on water bottles together to be sold for Peace Zone. We even share meals together. My favorite is lasagna!”
  • “I enjoy talking with my peer and helping him out. I offer encouragement. There is progress being made with goals that have been set. I give examples of ideas that help from my lived experiences. It was a good idea to start the peer mentoring program!”
  • “Peace Zone is helping me meet people and helping me learn ways to deal with stress in life.”
  • “I find it to be a place to come to that I feel the day is focused on me. I can participate in classes and enjoy the arts/crafts program. I leave feeling more positive and relaxed.”
  • “The Peace Zone gives me a safe place to socialize and relieve stress of my illness and everyday life.”
  • “Peace Zone keeps my mind to focus on positive things. It helps give me a peace of mind.”
  • “Peace Zone is a way to get things off my chest – my frustrations. It’s also a place where I can help others with their mental health struggles.”
  • “It is helping with my social skills and helping me become more confident.”
  • “Peace Zone is keeping me active and helps me communicate with people.”
  • “You are simply understood here without saying anything. Gathering with others helps you know you are not alone. It is what the name says — peaceful.”

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